The Latest on Vine #1

The Latest on Vine #1

Farm to Beauty: Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California

Vine #1, our favorite vine is blossoming  and changing dramatically as you can see from our photo how the grapes are growing and ripening. The rich antioxidants and resveratrol are just popping out of these grapes!

Juice Beauty’s high antioxidant levels and potent hydroxy acids, stemming from our rich organic ingredients, provides the powerful secret sauce to our formulas  to promote youthful and beautiful skin. 

Out of the 10,000 vines and additional olive and fig groves on the Juice Beauty Farm, Vine #1 is located in the perfect soil, with the perfect light, and the perfect surroundings for vibrant growth.

Harvest is looming with the exact day completely dependent on the weather conditions and how the grapes have matured as judged by our expert vineyard managers and farmers.

Of course scientific tests are done for sugar, acidity, pH, brix, and more, but our vineyard managers watch and taste the grapes daily to determine the exact time to harvest.

A vineyard fun fact for some varieties of grapes, so says our experts, is to taste them to also determine the exact perfect time for harvest. The progression of grape tastes goes from flavor releases of: Green Apple taste > Cherry taste > Plum taste > Jam-like taste. It’s the “art and science” of grape growing!

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