Woman Opening a Gift from Juice Beauty

The Perfect Gift Sets to Brighten ANYONE’S Day (and skin)!

Our BRIGHTENING & EXFOLIATING TRIO is a wonderful gift that can brighten anyone's day! This amazing trio is designed to keep your skin radiant. Skincare, glowing skin, this gift will be a hit! It is formulated with malic acid (from Green Apples) to help promote beautiful, age-defying skin. The set includes three full-size products:

GREEN APPLE Brightening Gel Cleanser

Our GREEN APPLE Brightening antioxidant rich face cleanser helps reveal a brighter, more refined looking complexion and is made with organic botanical juices, sugar cane hydroxy-acids and plant-based, gift the best facial cleanser. No sodium lauryl sulfates!

GREEN APPLE Peel Full Strength Exfoliating Mask

There's a reason why this mask is a favorite at Juice Beauty! Our GREEN APPLE PEEL FULL STRENGTH EXFOLIATING MASK is the perfect product for revealing a brighter complexion. This bestselling patented mask contains potent Bakuchiol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and delivers spa-grade exfoliation for optimal age-defying results. Kate Hudson discovered and wrote about this peel in 2007 and once you try it, you’ll see why this cult fave is still one of Kate Hudsons’s go to products!

STEM CELLULAR RESURFACING Grapeseed Micro-Exfoliant, Face + Body

Our luxurious spa-quality grapeseed micro-dermabrasion treatment is designed to gently exfoliate skin from head to toe, reducing the appearance of fine lines and promoting a more even skin tone. Gift someone an experience that offers the benefits of smoother and younger-looking skin with this safe and effective alternative to traditional chemical dermabrasion.
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