There's Something About Olives

There's Something About Olives

Olive Oil, we all love it! At the Juice Beauty Farm we have over a dozen different types of olives growing alongside the beautiful path being built within the olive grove. Olives are harvested after the grapes by “raking" them from the trees--just like it was done in Greece long ago!

Juice Beauty Farm Olive Grove

Olives are full of fatty acids like omega-3’s and lipids and antioxidants like Vitamin A and E to help protect the skin from free radical damage. Deeply hydrating and balancing for the skin’s moisture levels, the vitamin K and squalene found in olives can help plump, soften and hydrate the skin.

Juice Beauty uses olive-derived squalene because it’s a highly effective skincare ingredient. The human body produces squalene naturally and a replenishment of this substance provides excellent moisturizing benefits for the skin. It’s particularly important to replenish with squalene after our 20s when the natural production starts to decline. When applied to the skin, squalene mimics the skin’s natural sebum production and helps improve elasticity by increasing moisture retention. Squalene is also an incredible antioxidant and can help hydrate the skin. (published in the International Journal of Toxicology)

Our Signal Peptides Collection that includes our Firming Serum and Firming Eye Balm, is formulated with squalene, organic shea butter, organic blueberry seed oil and organic sunflower oil to help increase skin hydration, help renew the skin's surface and protect from external aggressors by creating a supple moisture barrier.

The Signal Peptides Firming Serum is a luxuriously lightweight micro-serum formulated with certified organic ingredients and firming peptides designed to restore the appearance of firmness and skin elasticity.

Stem Cellular Signal Peptides SerumJust in case you're wondering, there are thirteen varieties of olives. You may have heard of or tasted a few:

1. Frantoio 
2. Pendolino     
3. Arbequina    
4. Leccion   
5. Coratina 
6. Maurino 
7. Queen  
8. Nevadillo  
9. Moraiolo
10. Picholine   
11. Kalamata   
12. Lechinede Sevilla- This variety is grown along the drive of the Juice Beauty Farm.
13. Manzanilla or Mission- These varieties are grown around the house at the Juice Beauty Farm.


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