Top Skin Concerns

Top Skin Concerns

Danielle Fontana Dooley @NewBeauty recently wrote about the top skin concerns that Dermatologists are hearing right now. We loved this article as after all of this Covid mask-wearing, seasons changing with spring moving into summer, and let’s face it—we are all experiencing a lot of new stressors right now with world events.

New Beauty says that the three most common skin complaints that dermatologists are hearing right now are: Increased hyperpigmentation, acne flare-ups, and damaged skin barrier. Since Juice Beauty has personalized regimens for each of these issues…let’s dive in.

Increased Hyperpigmentation

Dark spots, sun spots, uneven skin tone, and texture. It can come from everywhere including early sun damage. I really damaged my skin being a dedicated sun bunny from about 10 years old to 35 years old…I literally never wore sunscreen and I have been a long time athlete and triathlete in the California sun! This type of damage can also potentially come from all the blue light we are exposed to on a daily basis. So even if you are inside, on an airplane (ok not so much these days) or working/relaxing on your porch-- wear SPF 30 that helps block UVA/UBA rays! This is really the most important piece of skincare advice.

Juice Beauty choices:

STEM CELLULAR CC Cream: 12-in-1 multi-tasking color-correcting tinted moisturizer with SPF cream delivers the ultimate in age-defying, skin-perfecting results with zinc SPF 30 sunscreen. Comes in 7 skin color-correcting shades to help even skin tone and fight any skin redness.

Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30: Hydrate and protect your skin’s natural moisture balance with this lightweight, zinc broad spectrum oil free moisturizer with SPF 30 made with antioxidant-rich organic grape and pomegranate, soothing aloe vera, vitamins, and nutrient-rich sea algae. Helps prevent premature signs of aging caused by everyday sun exposure. Clears while hydrates.

SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen: Water-resistant, mineral zinc SPF, with broad-spectrum sun protection for the ultimate sun and sport fun. Formulated without chemical SPF ingredients such as oxybenzone. Made especially for an active outdoor lifestyle, SPF 30 Sport Sunscreen blends rich organic jojoba and soothing aloe with antioxidants and vitamins for the ultimate daily protection.

Acne Flares

The younger generation in the Juice Beauty office are telling me that all this mask wearing, obviously critical for our health, is wreaking havoc on their skin. Trapped impurities, sweat, clogged pores, makeup trapped by cloth, touching your face constantly pulling the mask on and off, rubbing from the mask bands, and more…all causing acne/blemish flare-ups.

We recommend wearing an organic cotton or bamboo mask as these types of materials don’t contain harsh chemicals and pesticide residue like heavily sprayed conventional cotton. Wash your mask as often as possible and we suggest letting it air dry so you can retain the shape and strength of the elastic bands. Next make sure if you are prone to blemishes or you are experiencing them now, avoid harsh benzoyl peroxide, synthetic dye & fragrance products and instead keep blemishes at bay with Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Regimen. Blemish Clearing Regimens clear blemishes & control oil while hydrating with organic cherry, aloe and lemon, salicylic acid and willow bark. Antioxidant-rich to help fight free radical skincare damage.

BLEMISH CLEARING/Oil Control 3 Steps to Clear Skin

BLEMISH CLEARING/Oil Control Regimen for Clear Skin

Juice Beauty’s Organic Cotton Face Mask

Juice Beauty Organic Face Mask

Damaged Skin Barrier

I can attest to this issue with COVID masking, more stress in the world, different business stressors, families spending a TON of time together which is often amazing but can also cause a bit of stress and more.

When the skin’s microbiome is out of sync your skin can get super dry, red, and irritated. And if you are a constant Lip Moisturizer person (I use our PhytoPigments Lip Crayons all day every day), then your lips are probably suffering withdrawal! Mine sure are---they are screaming for me to get back to my old routine of moisturizing. But the worst part is that I find the entire facial area from below my nose to half my cheeks and below my chin –is really suffering from intense dryness.

Juice Beauty regimen recommendations:

Young through mid-40’s: Prebiotix regimens hydrate & help restore your microbiome simple utilizing breakthrough technology in microbiome & fermentation science.

PREBIOTIX 3 Steps to Hydration & Microbiome Protection

PREBIOTIX Regimen for Hydration & Microbiome Protection

40’s to ageless: our Signal Peptides Regimen is perfect. Enhance the look of firmness & elasticity with the power of a custom blend of sunflower-derived lipids, rice peptides & pterostilbene-rich wild blueberries.


SIGNAL PEPTIDES 3 Steps to Visibly Firmer & Ultra Hydrated Skin

SIGNAL PEPTIDES Regimen to Visibly Firmer & Ultra Hydrated Skin



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