Why a Farm?

Farm to Beauty: Healdsburg, Sonoma County, California

It all starts with Karen, our founder, who has dedicated her entire life to health, wellness, fitness and organic living. Karen has leapt over multiple obstacles in her life and defied all odds to be thriving as a serial wellness entrepreneur. The Juice Beauty farm provides an opportunity to showcase the California, organic, wellness, antioxidant rich ingredients core to the brand and Karen’s lifestyle.
Karen's family running in California.
Why Organic?
Juice Beauty is dedicated to organic farming, which limits synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and produces ingredients with the highest antioxidant levels to produce products that deliver powerful results. We want to protect customers, the planet, and animals from pesticide residue.

In addition to our existing long-standing partnerships with American organic farmers who supply us with organic botanical ingredients, this new mission-driven endeavor will allow us to deepen our roots in organic beauty and connect you more closely to our unique ingredients and formulas. Stay tuned for more news as we embark on the journey from the highest sustainable farming certification to CCOF (California Certified Organic Farming) certification.


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Not sure if this is where I post my comments in order to be entered into your contest which ends tonight. Anyway, I am commenting on your Stem Cellular CC Cream. I love it. It has a nice tint, very light but with great coverage to even out your skin tone AND with an SPF. Perfect. The reason I looked at your products in the first place was because you are organic. I don’t want to put “just anything” on my face. I will definitely be buying more of your products based on this first, great product.

Sherril Kenny November 01, 2018

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