My favorite product the Green Apple Peel makes my face red. Is this OK?

Our Green Apple Peel is very active and will cause some light to moderate redness and, possibly, warm or tingling sensations. These usually subside within several minutes of rinsing the Peel away. We recommend using the Peel before bed so your skin has a chance to rejuvenate over the night.

Our Green Apple Peel contains powerful organic fruit hydroxy acids, rather than acids created in a lab environment. These organic ingredients will exfoliate your skin – thoroughly removing dead skin cells & unclogging pores – without stripping or drying your skin. In fact, the organic fruit juice will hydrate your skin.

These powerful fruit acids will also stimulate microcirculation, which is crucial for bringing nourishment to the surface of your skin, and for effectively detoxing your skin. Because this Peel is over 95% organic it will lighten, brighten & tighten your skin without over-peeling.

If you experience a stronger reaction, your skin might be too sensitive for alpha and beta hydroxy acid peels. We always recommend a skin patch test prior to using any product. Just put a dab of any product on the most sensitive part of your skin to check for reaction.

Most of our customers generally notice an improvement in skin tone and texture after the redness subsides.

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