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I’m probably not the first gal to admit that my beauty routine runs the gamut. Most days, I have all the time I need to get ready and put on makeup. But, there are some days when time is not on my side and because of that, I’ve gotten really good at the five minute makeup routine.


Let me be real with you for a moment, as a blogger I’ve been super privileged to work with tons of makeup and skincare brands, but as I’ve gotten older and more mature in my decisions, I’ve realized the importance of pure and organic skincare and makeup.

That’s not to say I am cutting out all the non-organic products in my arsenal (I would be lying If I said that), but I’ve definitely added a number of organic products to my collection, including that of JUICE BEAUTY.

JUICE BEAUTY’S PHYTO-PIGMENT MAKEUP collection is completely free of any harmful, unpronounceable, ingredients, plus all their products are made from certified organic ingredients (completely different than just your skincare and makeup labeled ‘natural‘). These items are quickly becoming my go-to in my everyday makeup bag when I need to apply my face on the go.”


I’ve said this before, and I’ll reiterate it. I am a natural makeup sort of girl. I don’t heavily rely on tons of foundation or different products to cover up my flaws, etc. I’m more of the type to just embrace the natural beauty we’ve been given.

That doesn’t mean I’m walking out of the house without any makeup. I will always lather my face with SERUM, then a thin layer of CC CREAM (always inclusive of an SPF!) and finally I like to lightly fill-in my eyebrows. Once I’ve done those three quick steps at home, I grab the remainder of my makeup, in my trusty travel cosmetic bag, and head out the door.

I actually find that applying makeup under a time crunch makes me more decisive on my routine. I’ll breakdown my five minute makeup routine for you below with a play-by-play timeframe.


1:00 // First off, I like to examine my complexion in the mirror with natural light streaming in to double check that there is no need to blend my CC CREAM in a little more or add a touch of FOUNDATION with the help of this BLENDING BRUSH. Then I’ll use a blender or my fingertips to apply the PERFECTING CONCEALER (see above) under my eyes.


I suffer from dark circles under my eyes when I don’t get ample sleep (who doesn’t??), so I need a concealer that will cover all but still provides light coverage. And most importantly, can be worn all day long!

2:00 // For quick application I stick to cream shadow sticks. They’re super easy to apply on-the-go and just need a little blending over the entire eyelid with your fingertip. I really love HAZE shade for an all-day look.


3:00 // Then I’ll grab eyeliner, specifically the PRECISION EYE PENCIL for a precise yet subtle look to define my eyes. With my five minute makeup routine, I only apply eyeliner to the top lid of each eye. Then I’ll swipe two strokes of MASCARA on the top eyelashes to complete my quick eye look. For a more detailed review on Juice Beauty’s mascara see this previous post, HERE.


4:00 // On-the-go, I like to stick with a CREAM BLUSH. Cream blush used to be daunting to me, but I’ve learned to use it and now I love it. With cream blush, less is more, meaning apply a little first via your fingertip and then dab onto your cheeks. Blend with either your fingertips or a blending sponge.


I personally make the kissy/fish face into the mirror to better see my cheek bones, which is where I apply the cream blush from bottom to top. If that wasn’t enough the first time, I know I can go back and add a little more. But, like I said, less is more and it’s always easier to add more then remove it.

5:00 // Rounding out the five minute makeup routine, I swipe on a natural pop of color to my lips. In the summer I love lip crayons, as they’re usually lightweight and moisturizing. The LUMINOUS LIP CRAYON gives all over lip coverage for a great everyday look. My favorite shades include the PEBBLE and SALINAS for fall.


And there you have it! A five minute makeup routine for gals on-the-go. In just five minutes, I applied a natural looking face with makeup that has stay power and isn’t harmful to my skin with organic ingredients.

I highly recommend you checkout JUICE BEAUTY’S PHYTO-PIGMENT MAKEUP line. As you can see the products are easy to use and require minimal effort. In five minutes or less you can also have a natural looking face that will give you the confidence to conquer your day.


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