Cleaning For A Cause

Cleaning For A Cause

With warmer weather comes Spring cleaning, which can be a big feat, especially when it comes to closets and vanities. Decluttering your area and getting rid of old clothing and products that you no longer wear or use get be extremely refreshing and a great way to start off the new season. Remove bras that no longer fit from your drawers, donate the jeans that you never wear, get rid of excess makeup products that you know will only sit in your drawer and consider refreshing your dresser drawers and your makeup bins with trendy, fresh options.

So many of us hang onto items for long periods of time because they still have the tags on them, haven’t been worn yet or haven’t even had the wrappers taken off. However, Spring cleaning doesn’t mean you have to bring out the garbage bags. Consider donating! There are items you can put towards a good cause that you might not even know are an option for the donation boxes.

Post-Closet/Vanity Cleanout

After cleaning out what you don’t want, make a plan for what you do want and set a budget for finding investment pieces. For example, invest in a comfortable strapless bra that you know will fit well under any top or dress. If you’re a mom-to-be, find a maternity bra that is both convenient and comfortable for all-day wear. Nude shades are always a great choice if you’re looking for one or two great-fitting bras, since they won’t show under light-colored fabrics, and will therefore coordinate with everything.

Beauty is another focus point. You might not use what you have and choose to donate, or you might realize that your products are simply too old to be using. Using old tools, brushes, powders and other items can cause breakouts. Invest in items that will be good for your skin and will get used often. Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular CC Cream SPF 30 offers four features in one with sun protection, hydration, moisturization and light coverage. Other staples in your makeup bag probably include primer and mascara. It’s suggested to toss out mascaras after just three months, so make sure those are up to date as well. Stock up with the our best-selling Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer and Ultra-Natural Mascara.

Think about what items you use every single day and invest in quality so you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t neglect your makeup drawers when you go about your Spring cleaning and remember that getting rid of old or unwanted items is the perfect chance to clean up your regimen and make the switch to green beauty!

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