How to Treat Your Teen to an At-Home Spa Day with Juice Beauty

How to Treat Your Teen to an At-Home Spa Day with Juice Beauty

Being a teenager can be challenging (remember those days??), especially when it comes to skincare. Teen’s complexion might be going through a lot, but you can help your teen support their skin with effective, gentle products from Juice Beauty. The “OG” (Original Green) skincare brand formulates products that target common teenage skin concerns without potentially harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide. To help your teen take care of their skin, you can invite them to join in an at-home Juice Beauty spa experience. 

Put Together a Juice Beauty Spa Basket  

Juice Beauty can provide you with a variety of products so you can invite your teen to enjoy a fun, at-home spa experience. You can place their luxury Ylang Ylang Indulgence Spa Duo—with lotion and body wash—into a cute wicker basket or Juice Beauty’s Sustainable Tote Bag. Then, incorporate other spa-worthy products such as an Eco Cleansing Cloth and everyday products like any of the products from their Blemish Clearing/Oil Control Collection. 

Use Products That Can Help Your Teen’s Skin Look Balanced 

Skin care for teens can help their skin maintain balanced oil production and combat breakouts or blemishes. Introducing your teen to high-quality products with organic power ingredients early on may help them avoid conventional products with cheap fillers or dangerous chemicals that can disrupt their budding endocrine system. 

Juice Beauty can help you find the perfect products to practice skin care for teens with their Blemish Clearing Solutions Kit, Oil Free MoisturizerBlemish Clearing SerumSPF 30 Sport Sunscreen, and SPF 8 Lip Moisturizers. If you have a teen who is interested in makeup, then you can include the Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner in their spa basket. The nutrient-rich ingredients in these products may help your teen’s complexion appear well-balanced without stripping their skin of its natural oils or exposing them to toxic ingredients. 

Show Them How To Use Juice Beauty Every Day  

Your spa experience with your teen may be a great way to get them interested in skin care and all of the ways they can support their complexion with Juice’s Beauty Farm to Beauty products. The SPF 30 Oil Free Moisturizer uses Certified Organic ingredients in its formula, plus mineral broad spectrum zinc. It’s a nearly effortless way for your teen to help their skin feel hydrated and protected. 

If they want to use Juice Beauty on their own, you can start them off with any of the products mentioned above or get Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular, Green Apple or Prebiotix Collections.  

Your teen may not be ready for a multi-step skincare routine, but that doesn’t mean they should be neglecting their complexion. You can show them how to use Juice Beauty’s skin care for teens and have an enjoyable bonding experience at the same time. It’s a double win for you! Juice Beauty offers products that can help you and your teen address skin concerns and reveal glowing, healthy-looking skin and help them avoid toxic ingredients. 

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