Hooray, for SUSTAINABILITY, wellness & health and for all the bunnies in the world!

In continuation of celebrating the EARTH this month, we are proud to announce that Juice Beauty products are now VEGAN CERTIFIED by the American Vegetarian Association!

Juice Beauty is also Leaping Bunny certified; PETA compliant and the recipient of PETA’s Courage in Commerce Award.

Juice Beauty is Vegan Certified

What Does it Mean to Certify Skincare as “Vegan”?

Vegan certified means that Juice Beauty utilizes NO animal byproducts EVER!

Instead, Juice Beauty products are made from organic plant-based ingredients. Our ingredients are kind to coral reefs (no chemical sunscreens!) and wildlife as we do not use synthetic dyes, fragrances or other ingredients that can harm wildlife and the planet.  LEARN MORE

Why “Vegan” Skincare?

We don’t believe in putting animal by-products in skincare and makeup products. No snail sludge, no crushed beetles and no animal glue. We also don’t test on animals. In the United States, there is NO ban on testing cosmetics or household products on animals.  We love and care about our planet and all the life that resides in it….

Vegan Certification

While our ‘Leaping Bunny” certification and our PETA compliance show our commitment to no animal testing ever, we wanted to make an additional commitment with our Vegan certification.

Leaping BunnyPeta

Why Certify Skincare Vegan?

We believe in giving our customers the assurance that Juice Beauty products are as sustainable, clean and natural as we claim them to be… and the American Vegetarian Association is one of the oldest organizations in the country so we were excited to work with them for this certification that furthers their work and awareness.

While it’s easy to claim “Clean,” “Natural” and “animal friendly,” none of these terms are regulated by the industry.  With so many new “clean” and “natural” brands popping up in the market, our priority at Juice Beauty is to remain a band you can trust. 


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Note Juice Beauty has over 125 products and one product, Organic Facial Wash, utilizes sustainably sourced honey from an organic farm.

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