“Organic” vs “Clean/Natural” Beauty

“Organic” vs “Clean/Natural” Beauty

Over the past decade, the interest in “clean beauty” and “natural beauty” has surged as consumers are becoming more concerned about sustainability and more aware of the potentially harmful effects of certain ingredients in personal care products. This increased consumer awareness has brought “clean beauty” to the forefront, making it an exciting time of growth, but it has also led to a lot of customer confusion about what “being clean” really means….

Clean, Organic, Natural, Plant-based, Vegan, Sustainable, Eco-Friendly – with so many terms out there it’s hard to know which brands offers the best solution and what all these terms mean!

So let us help break it down for you!

 While there are no “official" or "regulated" definitions of terms like “clean beauty” and “natural", brands use this language to signal that they are taking steps toward healthier choices for humans and/or the planet. For some brands this can mean one or two simple steps, but for Juice Beauty, it means sustainability and clean at the highest level. We strive for organic ingredients on the inside and sustainable packaging on the outside.

“Organic” vs Natural/Clean

Unlike the terms “Clean” and “Natural,” the term “organic” is regulated by California Organic Products Act and USDA National Organic Program.

The organic certification and regulation process provides consumers the assurance that products will NOT have toxic pesticides or GMOs – but it also brings the advantage of higher potency antioxidant effects. 

Delivering high-performance skincare and makeup made with organic ingredients is hard but worth it! Success with organic products requires overcoming major obstacles around shelf life, stability, manufacturing consistency, aromas, and efficacy. 

Despite these obstacles, Juice Beauty is committed to using organic ingredients in order to deliver clean beauty at the highest level, and that’s one of the reasons we are known as the “OG Original Green” of the Clean Beauty Movement as we have been cleaning up the beauty space since 2005. 

In addition to complying with the USDA NOP and COPA  guidelines, Juice Beauty does NOT use any questionable ingredients listed in “unacceptable lists” of the most renowned “Clean Beauty Movement” actors.  We use multiple lists and here are a few:

Juice Beauty goes ‘Beyond’ Clean Beauty

Not only does Juice Beauty use certified organic ingredients, we also push ourselves to the ultimate of efficacy.  Everything we do abides by our eco-values; sustainability is the core guiding principle for all product development and all corporate practices.
Juice Beauty Eco-Values
By following our core eco-values, Juice Beauty has cracked the code to deliver, at scale, powerful, clinically-validated, prestige products that are made with authentically organic ingredients and have met the test of time.
Juice Beauty’s revolutionary formulations began with the antioxidant power of an organic botanical juice base. This base has the important dual advantages of higher antioxidant levels (goodbye wrinkles!) and saving the plant, animals, and humans from toxic pesticides.      
Juice Beauty's Revolutionary Formulations

Juice Beauty ‘Beyond Clean’ Certifications

We work hard to stay on the cutting edge of certifications that push our brand and products “beyond clean,” including:
  • Certified Organic Ingredients: Every organic ingredient we use (to comprise our >70% content) has a governing body organic compliance certificate (USDA or CCOF).
  • California Department of Public Health, Food & Drug Branch, Organic Handlers annual certification.
  • FDA (SPF & Salicylic Acid) registered & certified
  • Vegan certified by American Vegetarian Association. Vegan is their highest certification.
  • Leaping Bunny Certified
  • PETA Cruelty Free Certified
  • All Palm plant ingredients are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified which assures no human rights violations.
  • Juice Beauty Farm in progress to be Certified Organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) Fall 2021

Beyond Clean Packaging

At Juice Beauty we take our environmental impact very seriously.  Whenever possible we reduce our packaging footprint and utilize recycled materials and alternatives to virgin plastic such as sustainable glass and bio-resins.  Utilizing recycled materials helps stimulate demand for the recycling industry; thus, we are particularly proud of our use of recycled ocean and land waste plastics that directly help clean up the environment.

Our commitments in sustainable packaging include:

  • Ocean & Land Waste Recycled Plastic Bottles (PCR): We are converting all products to recycled plastic to achieve our goal of greatly reducing the use of virgin plastic. Products in our Stem Cellular and Blemish Clearing Line have been or are in process of being converted. Learn more
  • 100% FSC: All Juice Beauty product boxes are made with FSC paper.
  • 90% BioResin sample & travel tubes: Bioresin/sugarcane plastic is sourced from environmentally responsible farms and does not utilize petroleum ingredients resulting in a dramatically lower carbon footprint tied to production.
  • 48% recycled content + 52% certified sustainable source (FSC) content: for all Juice Beauty shipping boxes.
  • 6 million or 37%* approximate square inch reduction: in product kit paper for just the first year of our 2020 sustainable kit initiative.
  • 32% Glass: % of full-size Juice Beauty product packaging utilizing sustainable glass.

*(stats estimated by Duke University Math Students)
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