Juice Beauty Travel Must-Haves!

Popular Cali-girl blogger, Jennifer Wilson of Modern Ensemble shares her travel must-haves: “Juice Beauty has quickly become my go to for all of my makeup. ”

I do a fair share of traveling every month and feel like I am constantly living out of a suitcase.  Truth be told, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I think I would be so bored being in the same place all of the time so my crazy chaotic lifestyle totally works for me.

Actually, just a few days ago I flew to Vegas for just 6 short hours and literally had dinner and saw Gwen Stefani in concert and then flew home.  The weekend prior I was in Seattle and it got me thinking about what my key makeup was to pack for a trip.

I obviously have an arsenal in my place in Beverly Hills, however for a trip, I only pack the absolute essentials.  I am a firm believer in the fact that less is more and will always stay true to that.

Juice Beauty has quickly become my go to for all of my makeup.  I started off using a few products and shortly after realized that my entire daily routine was all Juice Beauty.  On my most recent trip last week I packed only my essentials that I would need for a warm weather getaway.

The basics for me include cc cream with spf (a major must), illuminating primer, loose powder, blush, concealer, mascara, lipstick, and hydrating mist.  I mean, what else is there really?  These are the most amazing essentials and I actually am almost out of my cc cream, which means I will need to replace this asap.  I am literally addicted to it.  I also cannot get enough of the cream blush and nude lipstick.

My barely there makeup was perfect for everything on my trip and honestly my skin has never looked better than it does with these juice based products.  I love feeling like I am putting only the best products onto my skin and I think it really makes a difference.

My next trip is still tbd but at least I already know what I will be packing in my makeup bag!


Juice Beauty : Powder | Blush | Illuminating Primer | Lipstick | Concealer Mascara | CC cream | Hydrating Mist }

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