We Never Test on Animals

Juice Beauty is proud to bear logos and seals that prove how much we care about the environment, animals, and people’s health when formulating our products, and at the very core of our company. Our cruelty-free logos from PETA and Leaping Bunny show Juice Beauty’s pledge that we NEVER test on animals during any stage of production development.

Juice Beauty’s mission has always been to search for ways to preserve the environment while creating clinically validated skincare and  vibrant, plant-pigment makeup for all to enjoy. Juice Beauty sources its organic ingredients from USDA certified farms thus avoiding the use of synthetic fertilizers helping to keep the groundwater free from potentially harmful chemicals and in turn reducing contaminated run-off into the oceans.

The cleaner the oceans, the cleaner the fish who live in them, and the cleaner the seafood that we eat. Supporting organic farming directly and indirectly keeps animals’ bodies healthier and in turn keeps our bodies healthier.

 Our Mission
“We believe that caring for your skin should not prevent caring for your health or for the planet. At Juice Beauty we believe in advanced beauty solutions that harness the best of certified organic & natural ingredients to deliver clinically validated results that do not compromise your well-being nor the Earth.”
– Karen Behnke, founder

By the same token, Juice Beauty does not use any animal byproducts in our formulas. The animals on the Earth are part of the perfectly balanced ecosystem and their consumption is simply not necessary for beauty formulations. Conventional mascaras can contain animal glue (what is animal glue?) to adhere to your lashes; Juice Beauty’s mascara contains an amazingly resilient pine resin that does the same job. Conventional lipsticks often use crushed or ground up to produce deep red colors; Juice Beauty’s lip colors contain wonderfully vibrant pigments from flowers, fruits and seeds to achieve the same bold hues cruelty-free.

We care so much about the planet and our customers that we listened to our passionate vegan consumers and we have almost completely phased out the use of sustainably sourced honey and beeswax as well.

We are also very careful about international animal testing. Years ago, working closely with PETA, Juice Beauty stopped shipping to a few boutiques in China as PETA informed us that the Chinese government could randomly test our products on animals. Juice Beauty’s management and employees didn’t want to take any chances that animal testing might occur so we stayed out of the Chinese market for years and PETA subsequently awarded Juice Beauty a Courage in Commerce Award for putting principles before profit.

“PETA is proud to recognize Juice Beauty for ensuring that no animals anywhere in the world are harmed for the company’s fantastic products,” says PETA Senior Vice President Kathy Guillermo. “Compassionate companies and consumers alike are standing up and pledging to support only modern, humane cosmetics testing.” 

Recently, with the blessing of PETA, we are entering the Chinese digital market through Hong Kong which completely avoids any risk of animal testing and now ethical brands like Juice Beauty have found a means of getting into discerning Chinese customers’ hands cleaner beauty products.

Juice Beauty is proud to be PETA certified, Leaping Bunny certified and cruelty-free for our customers worldwide.

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