The Vitamin D and Sunscreen Dilemma!


Wear sunscreen!

That’s what you are constantly hearing from Juice Beauty, dermatologists, and probably your Mom and Sister… but what’s it doing to the Vitamin D levels in your body?


Of course it’s the right advice, because wearing a good mineral zinc sunscreen made with organic ingredients will help prevent skin cancers and premature signs of aging, but what does one do about lessening Vitamin D levels?

Are many of us deficient? According to UC Berkeley, approximately 50% of all Americans are Vitamin D deficient due to living in low sun/northern areas, wearing sunscreen daily, or spending most of their time indoors. Obesity can also lead to lower Vitamin D levels and very few foods contain this vitamin—unless of course you are chugging cod liver oil.

What happens as we age? As we age, our ability to convert Vitamin D from the sun’s rays lessens. A 70 year old only converts the Suns’ rays at about a quarter of the rate of a 20 year old.

Why do we need it? Researchers have found that Vitamin D plays a role in keeping bones and muscles strong and there is some evidence that it can help prevent debilitating diseases.

How much to take? The Institute of Medicine raised the Recommended Daily Allowance for most adults up to 600 IU and some doctors are recommending a higher dose. Check with you doctor. Around Juice Beauty’s corporate headquarters, we have found that many traditionally trained physicians and pediatricians are now recommending specific Vitamin D doses for their patients. Mine recommended the Vitamin D liquid drops because he thinks they absorb more readily. It’s easy…just keep it on your counter and drop the recommended dose into a bit of water daily.

What if my physician doesn’t know what to recommend? You could go to a reputable wellness pharmacy and if you live in the Western Region of the country, we’d recommend  Pharmaca’s, or find a knowledgeable person that works in the supplement section of Whole Foods.

So…wear your sunscreen for cancer prevention and age defying benefits, but consider taking some Vitamin D supplements!


By Karen Behnke, founder Juice Beauty. You may not have known but in the 80’s and 90’s, Karen built and ran one of the first corporate wellness companies in the country and was one of the country’s leading wellness experts writing, commentating, and speaking nationally on nutrition, fitness and overall wellness. That’s how Juice Beauty originally came about..Karen thinking about wellness and health during her pregnancies!

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