Travel Touchups : Easy Makeup On The Go

Most of us are guilty of applying makeup when traveling in the most inconvenient places – the car, the cab, the uber, the plane – you name it, we’ve done it! We are often left with little to no choice but to get ready on the go.

It’s best to keep the makeup ritual to a minimum during travel times, as finishing off perfectly is certainly difficult. While touching up your lipstick and blotting your cheeks is acceptable, contouring in a cab, is a big-no!

The trick is to keep it quick. Here are few easy makeup tricks you can use while you’re on the go:

For Instant Skin Brightness

Sometimes a little brightening is all you need. Fortunately too, you can have some time for yourself in a car, so you can pull out a creamy complexion product like a concealer – This can be used for dabbing underneath eye area, and around the corners of your nose and chin.

You can use it for covering your dark spots, and blend it using clean fingertips (just make sure you have tissues at the ready to wipe your hands!) The skin will instantly light up and you’ll look more awake. Make use of a concealer that is formulated without petroleum, parabens, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances for natural flawless radiance.

Making use of a loose powder while on the go can get messy, you wouldn’t want loose powder all over your clothes and seat. So skip the powder and go for the youthful, dewy look! If you need a little extra coverage, a CC cream that has a handy applicator can be easily applied to hydrate and refresh the skin.

Eye Defintion

Mascara can really pull your look together – but it’s also the trickiest to apply when moving. If you want precise results, then you may have to wait till the car comes to a halt! Only try this at a red light!

Sweet Stained Lips

Few have mastered the art of swiping on lipstick perfectly while on the go. Fear not – for mistake-free lipstick application, use your fingers to press lipstick into your lips to achieve a sweet stain. Use a lipstick with more pigment to get the right color transfer.

Burst of Color

Lipstick too much?  Go for a multi-use beauty product for lips and cheeks for an instant burst of color. (Hint – You can also use these blushes as a pocket mirror for the rest of your makeup!)

Carry-all Pouch

Lastly, to avoid searching for all the makeup items in your bag, you need to keep it sorted. Therefore, keep a small pouch or bag ready to keep everything in plain sight. You can save your co-passengers from getting jostled with your elbows as you frantically search for your lipstick in your bag.

Guest contributing writer: Sana Afreen

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