4 Ways to Include More Peptides in Your Skincare Routine

4 Ways to Include More Peptides in Your Skincare Routine

How to Level Up Your Skincare Routine with Peptides  

Peptides are a long-standing feature in the skincare world because they support a wide variety of complexions. As an amino acid building block, they are a must-have in all skincare routines to help your skin feel firmer while supporting elasticity. Seamlessly incorporate peptides into your daily regimen with serums and masks made with vitamins and other nutrients that can supercharge your lineup in no time. It’s time to experience the power of peptides for yourself and give your skin the ingredients it’s been craving. 

Understand How Peptides Work  

You might already be familiar with collagen or elastin, two well-known foundational elements of your skin. Peptides are similar amino acids that act as building blocks that, when applied topically, can help trigger various positive responses within the skin. They are essential for anyone looking to help their complexion appear firmer or support general elasticity. Seek out a brand that combines their peptides with vitamins and nutrients to protect and hydrate with multipurpose products that can go above and beyond for your skin. Consider prioritizing rice peptides to support your facial contours and experience their power alongside the other vital ingredients found in your natural skin care products. 

Upgrade with a Serum  

Your daily serum is the perfect opportunity to start enjoying peptides. Look for a lightweight micro-serum that feels luxurious and can protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Be sure the formula also includes sunflower lipids and hyaluronic acid to support a lifted look while adding a layer of hydration after cleansing. This type of serum can help your skin feel tightened and smoothed. Plus, it absorbs quickly, so it wears well under your CC cream. 

Try a Peptide-Infused Mask 

If you want to enhance your hydration efforts while experiencing the power of peptides, a facial mask can help reveal skin that appears hydrated, firmed, and rejuvenated while you unwind. Try a peptide-infused mask that combines rice peptides with avocado and sea buckthorn for additional moisture that can be worn in the morning or as an overnight mask so you can wake up to skin that looks and feels radiant. 

Remember to Target Your Under-Eyes  

Peptides can also work wonders for the delicate skin under your eyes because this area can benefit from specially formulated clean beauty products. Try a blend that combines blueberry, plant-derived glycerin, and shea with rice peptides to minimize the visibility of dark circles or dryness. When applying, gently pat with minimal pressure around the entire eye up to the brow bone at night or in the morning. The right product can be a perfect option for your primer or under-eye concealer. When you use peptide-rich products regularly, you help your skin continue looking and feeling firmed and nourished. 


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