Action Packed Summer: Yoga Instructor, Lindsea Swisher


Lindsea Swisher is a local (and well-seasoned) yoga instructor with an athletic background and a focus on flexibility & strength. Prior to her career as a yoga instructor, she was a Division I soccer athlete at University of San Francisco. After a knee injury, Lindsea turned to yoga as a form of rehabilitation.

Quickly, Lindsea realized the immediate benefits yoga had on her athletic performance and saw an opportunity to connect athletes with yoga. Today Lindsea trains elite athletes and individuals to help improve performance through yoga by increasing strength and flexibility, helping prevent injuries, and excelling both in sport and daily life. Even when she’s not instructing you’ll find her active and moving whether it’s snowboarding, surfing, or traveling (all while wearing her fave Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer, of course).

Lindsea put together an awesome yoga flow sequence video for us – that’s quick too! It targets your core, arms, and legs and will help strengthen, tone, and stretch your muscles. We’ve broken down each step below for some extra guidance too. A few sets of this and you’ll be feeling strong in no time!

Lindsea’s Yoga Flow with a Row Sequence

  • Start in downward dog position.
  • Walk your hands out to plank position. Hands are directly underneath your shoulders and feet are hip width apart.
  • Grab your 4lb. weight in your left hand. Inhale as you extend your arm straight up. Make sure to keep your hips level and abs engaged throughout the entire exercise.
  • Exhale. Rotate the left hand underneath the body towards your right ribcage.
  • Come back to center and row the left elbow directly behind while squeezing the shoulder blade.
  • Release the weight and flow through a Vinyasa. High to low plank, to upward dog. Exhale back to downward dog.
  • Inhale to high plank and repeat steps 3 – 6.
  • From downward dog step to the front of the mat.
  • Inhale come to a halfway lift with hands on shins (flat back) and exhale forward fold.
  • Inhale sit back into your heels and hold your squat for 10 seconds with arms directly besides your ears. Repeat the entire flow 3 times.


A few tips from Lindsea…
Core:  If you are properly doing the exercise your core should be engaged the whole time. Your obliques or “love handles,” are targeted when you rotate through the middle of the movement.

Arms: Your troposterior deltoid muscles work in unison with back muscles as you come into your row. The biceps and forearms are also targeted here with extension and flexion of the arm.

Legs: The quadriceps and hamstring muscles of the legs are doing a lot of work during your squat. Be sure to tuck your tailbone under and sit back into your heels to get the full benefits of the posture.


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