Makeup Routine with Mom Blogger, Kailee Wright


I teamed up with Juice Beauty this week to show you my everyday makeup routine. And lets be honest — it usually includes a little one on my lap or Hayden wanting some”yip-stick” on as well. So it’s always super fast + quick!!


I have never worn that much makeup and lately I’ve been experimenting with different products trying to find the right ones I love. I really like feeling natural and I always go for the natural look (with a pop of colored lipstick). So after discovering Juice Beauty’s makeup line, made with certified organic ingredients, I naturally fell in love with their juice based products that are amazing on your skin.

I use this primer everyday faithfully!! It is one of my favorite products from the line. Its very lightweight and it helps smooth lines and wrinkles for a young, natural look. I feel like it protects and forms a barrier between any makeup and my skin. Plus, it keeps my skin hydrated and looking fresh all day without my face getting super oily!

Also, this sculpting foundation brush is seriously a game changer! I never realized how important getting the right brush was and using it for the right product. In the past, I have always just used my hands or a beauty blender to apply liquid foundation. This foundation brush is a must have and does wonders when paired with Juice Beauty’s Flawless Serum Foundation. The angled wedge shape and super soft bristles help to blend and create a perfectly smooth and streak free finish.

Okay lets chat eyeliner — I’ve just started using eyeliner about a year ago, (I know crazy) but I’ve never felt like I was very good at putting it on or I’ve never found an eyeliner I really just liked. This precision eye pencil (but it’s not like a pencil ) is amazing and makes it so easy to apply…even for newbies like me.  It glides on perfectly so I can easily get the look I want and it is long-lasting so I can wear it all day without it smudging. I also love the fact that it doesn’t require sharpening, which makes life so much easier!


And finally, mascara I am very picky about my mascara. I swear I’ve gone through so many different kinds! I’ll love them for awhile and then just move onto the next brand.  However, this ultra-natural mascara is good!! It gives my lashes the volume they need + it doesn’t clump, flake, or smudge off — win win in my book.


A few other products I’ve been trying are the stem cellular cc creamhydrating mist – I’ve never used anything like this before and so far love it and still getting use to it.  I’ve also been using Juice Beauty’s skincare line faithfully for a few months (which has NEVER happened) and I can’t wait to share with you guys, but that’s a whole other post. On another note does anyone else sit in the sink to do your make-up?!? Or is it only me?


xx – kails

{Content originally taken from Kailee Wright’s blog}

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