Radiate Like A Sunflower

Radiate Like A Sunflower

One of the happiest flowers on earth, brought to life through the stunning Van Gogh paintings is the sunflower. Aptly named for its close resemblance to the sun, the sunflower always looks joyful and inspires happiness.

Juice Beauty derives phosphatidylglycerol from the sunflower, a bio-mimetic plant lipid that supports our age defy skincare goals through biological signaling that can help prompt skin cells to differentiate. Juice Beauty’s chemists use this rich ingredient to help skin with its regeneration process and to increase hydration.

As a human-identical lipid, phosphatidylglycerol can re-balance the skin’s natural renewal processes and supports the delivery of active ingredients. This potential regenerative signaling pathway can help normalize cell growth and targets essential pathways to help restore a more youthful, smooth and firm appearance.

During your travels this summer, whether it’s somewhere exotic or to visit friends a few hours away, take Juice Beauty’s Stem Cellular Vinifera Replenishing Oil with you. Great for all skin types, the oil can be applied in the morning or night for replenishing, nourishing hydration or used as a primer for makeup.

Results for the skin? Glowing and beautiful—just like a sunflower.




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