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What is Clean Beauty, Really? Q&A with Karen Behnke, Founder of Juice Beauty

June 2024

Clean Beauty. It’s a term in the beauty industry that is often misconstrued and misused by consumers and the media. It can be understood as reaching a set of standards, such as being vegan and free of harsh chemicals. I had the pleasure to connect with beauty expert Karen Behnke, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Juice Beauty, and got to break down what “Clean Beauty,” really means, while learning how she built her brand to what it is today!”

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Juice Beauty Partners with Beautyfor, the Beauty Industry's New Sustainable Nonprofit

June 2024

“Recognizing the need for more sustainability in the industry, Zoe Weiner and Gabby Shacknai started this nonprofit to gather near expiration products from brands and sell them at pop up events attended by beauty enthusiasts with funds raised going to charities. The next pop up is June 22 in New York City and Juice Beauty donated 50 products to the sale.”

Bold Journey

Karen Behnke Sits Down with Bold Journey to Talk Clean Beauty

May 2024

“My lifelong commitment to wellness stemmed from overcoming my childhood struggle with a rare, nearly fatal blood disorder which cemented my lifelong commitment to wellness, and my skincare obsession was enhanced with my pregnancies in my 40’s.”

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A Few Minutes with Juice Beauty’s Founder Karen Behnke

April 2024

"[Karen] tells Beauty Packaging’s Jamie Matusow about her background, her journey, the future she envisions for her company’s products and packaging—and the brand’s new formula that “will have an impact across the beauty industry.'

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Juice Beauty’s Behnke Hands Torch to New Chief Executive Officer

April 2024

"Karen Behnke, founder of Juice Beauty, is passing the baton to a new chief executive officer of the organic personal care company. She’s handing over the c-suite responsibilities to Lance Patterson, who has deep experience in skincare and fragrance.

Behnke will remain integrally involved with Juice Beauty, but will focus on her passion of creating “high-tech organic product innovation,” according to the company. She will continue to develop the product portfolio utilizing organic ingredients sourced from the Juice Beauty Farm in Sonoma County, CA where she brings to life the brand’s farm-to-beauty philosophy every day."

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Eco-evolution: The rise of sustainable practices for brands

March 2024

Juice Beauty: Cultivating Organic Beauty Solutions

"Juice Beauty is at the forefront of the sustainable beauty movement, using organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Their commitment to organic ingredients helps reduce pesticide use and environmental harm, showing care for consumer health and the planet.

The brand’s goal to eliminate virgin plastic by 2025 is a big step toward sustainable packaging. They use recycled plastic, sustainable glass, and BioResin tubes to lower their carbon footprint. Their operations powered by solar energy further highlight their commitment to the environment.

Juice Beauty’s vegan and cruelty-free products underline their ethical approach, ensuring their beauty solutions are kind to the planet and its inhabitants. Their partnerships with environmental groups extend their impact, aligning their brand with efforts to foster a healthier ecosystem.

My take: Prioritize the use of organic and sustainable materials, and set ambitious goals for reducing plastic use. Invest in renewable energy and eco-friendly packaging solutions to minimize your environmental footprint while appealing to conscious consumers."