COVID: A Year in Review

COVID: A Year in Review

What a year!  Since the pandemic began, we have all felt challenges, fought battles, and hopefully discovered inner strength to grow and thrive.  At Juice Beauty we invite you to take a moment to express gratitude for all that you’ve gone through and meditate on your personal journey.

With that in mind, here are some highlights of how we’ve grown and thrived during this past difficult year. 

We Supported Our Community

Donating & delivering thousands of skincare products to our healthcare & grocery store workers.  We stopped counting at about 20,000 units delivered directly by Founder Karen Behnke and her husband.

It’s our juice drop of gratitude for the front-line workers that are helping to get us through this worldwide crises by helping them with their special skincare needs. Wearing masks all day entering cool to hot and varying temperatures can cause heat, perspiration, and impurities to get trapped under the masks and can result in clogged pores or “maskne”.

Healthcare Workers

Others are reporting excessively dry skin or incredibly oily skin under their masks. All issues that an organic ingredients cleanser, serum and moisturizer can greatly help—applied morning and night. We donated serums so workers can also freshen up and have a nice luxurious and freshening break during their day.  

And then there are our frontline workers’ hands! Multiple hand washings, powdered and unpowdered gloves off and on, more hand washings, hand sanitizers….yikes….so many are complaining of reddened and irritated hands and that’s why some of our packages have contained Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream to the rescue. What better to nourish and protect than organic shea butter, aloe, and jojoba?

We Pivoted & Innovated

In 2020 we launched several new innovating products focused on keeping you safe & helping keep your skin hydrated and clear of Maskne. 

  • Green Apple Hand Sanitizer: this plant-based hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of most germs while hydrating hands. Contains 70% non-GMO plant-derived alcohol infused with vegetable glycerin to soothe and peptides to provide an age defy appearance boost. LEARN MORE
  • BLEMISH CLEARING Bamboo Pore Refining Mask: helps detox and hydrate skin and helps protect against “maskne” during this Covid19 phase of our history.  This mask is revolutionary because it gently exfoliates and clears clogged pores, evens skin tone & texture and reduces the appearance of imperfections & helps prevent future breakouts by using powerful plant-based ingredients, such as Aspen Bark, Bamboo charcoal and Kaolin Clay.  Other conventional chemical products on the market today use drying, stripping ingredients with benzoyl peroxide and harsh alcohols and endocrine disrupting synthetic fragrance and dyes. Besides being packed with powerful vegan ingredients, this mask is the first on the market to use charcoal from a sustainable source—bamboo.  Bamboo is one of the fastest growing wood plants in the world and can be harvested every 1-5 years, much faster than most other forests harvested on the planet. LEARN MORE

Bamboo Pore Refining Mask

We Kept Health & Wellness a Top Priority

Adjusting our office, distribution center & 'work from home' policies to allow our team to thrive in this new challenging environment.

To combat the challenges of the past year, Juice Beauty’s team works from a combination of ‘at home’ to rotating working ‘in office’ at the new Juice Beauty solar powered sustainable distribution & corporate headquarters, located in Sonoma County, California.

Staying true to our ‘eco-values’ Founder Karen immediately went to work followed the “reduce, reuse, recycle” sustainable approach for the new HQ building.

 The HQ contains the following sustainable materials:

  • Zero VOC paints and stains for the walls and floor.
  • All desks & furniture is either reused or constructed of recycled lumber from an old mill OR reused desks from another company.
  • The chairs were purchased from a neighbor company that was closing and re-covered in recycled leather.
  • The wall insulation was made from recycled blue jeans.
  • Some of the highest oxygen producing and carbon dioxide eliminating plants were placed around the office for the health of the employees and the environment.

We Focused on our Mission

Our continued commitment to protecting the environment, helped us to stay passionate, focused & driven during this time of tremendous challenge.


Our sustainability committee furthered environmental efforts to reduce virgin plastic, launching our newest product innovation (STEM CELLULAR Overnight Retinol Serum) in 100% Ocean and Land Waste Plastic.  We take our commitment to protecting the environment seriously, which is why we are continuing our sustainability efforts and taking a stand to help clean up our oceans by the Ocean Waste Plastic concept.  LEARN MORE 

We also achieved an approximate 2.6 million square inch (in other words 37%) reduction in paper through a more sustainable ‘kit design.’

Environmental & Health Legislation:

We supported our non-profit partners, EWG and BCPP, in passing three important environmental acts:

  1. The California Cosmetic Fragrance/Flavor Ingredient Right to Know
  2. The first statewide Product Chemical ban in the US, banning 24 toxic cosmetic chemicals
  3. The PFAS ban (a ‘forever’ chemical) 

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