Get Halloween Ready with the Juice Beauty Makeup Collection

Does your costume (or your little one’s) require ‘face paint’? Get creative with the Juice Beauty Makeup Collection!

1920’s Glamour:
For the timeless, elegant 1920’s style, follow the steps for our Juicy Glam look. An intense color saturation for a dramatic effect HERE.

The Purrrfect Cat:
Use our Defining Eyeliner to create the perfect cat-eye, nose, and whiskers. Line top lashes, extending line beyond the corner of the eye, angling the tip of the liner upward to create a winged effect. For a “kitten eye” extend only slightly. For a full “cat-eye” extend further. Finish by drawing nose and whiskers!

For a night of the living dead inspired costume, start by creating a pale complexion by applying Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Mask all over your  face. Even if you have dry skin, this will be amazing for your skin, particularly given the harmful paint chemical choices that are available in Halloween stores. The whitish mask will create the perfect scary look. Then create a shadow effect using the Illuminating Eye Color in Chocolate (make sure to wet the brush for a long lasting more dramatic effect) around the eye area and hollows of cheeks. Use our Defining Eyeliner to draw zombie stitches on face, neck, and arms. Finish by applying Ivory Correcting Concealer to lips.

Karen’s Tips:
I’m thinking of a smokey eye for my surprise Halloween outfit: Hint: I’ve got you Babe….. To achieve the Smokey Eye, I’ll start with Juice Beauty’s Chocolate Illuminating Eye Color using a wet brush to get more of a dramatic look. Then, I’ll use our Defining Eyeliner over the Chocolate lid finishing with lots of our Mascara. Wow–no harmful chemicals on my face for this Halloween! My daughter will get Defining Eyeliner circles on each cheek as she is going to be one half of a dice set.

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