Supporting our Front line workers during the Covid Crisis

Supporting our Front line workers during the Covid Crisis

Everyone at Juice Beauty has deep gratitude for our communities coming together during this time. Since Covid pandemic shelter-in-place began, every week Founder Karen, her cardiologist husband Howard, and Juice Beauty team members have been dropping off boxes of Juice Beauty products to local San Francisco Bay Area healthcare and grocery store workers.

 It’s our juice drop of gratitude for the front line workers that are helping to get us through this worldwide crises by helping them with their special skincare needs. Wearing masks all day entering cool to hot and varying temperatures can cause heat, perspiration, and impurities to get trapped under the masks and can result in clogged pores or “maskne”. Others are reporting excessively dry skin or incredibly oily skin under their masks. All issues that an organic ingredients cleanser, serum and moisturizer can greatly help—applied morning and night. We’ve been donating serums so workers can also freshen up and have a nice luxurious and freshening break during their day.  

And then there are our frontline workers’ hands! Multiple hand washings, powdered and unpowdered gloves off and on, more hand washings, hand sanitizers….yikes….so many are complaining of reddened and irritated hands and that’s why some of our packages have contained Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream to the rescue. What better to nourish and protect than organic shea butter, aloe, and jojoba??   

So we salute all the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and grocery workers fighting this battle on the front lines every day. Thank you for all the hard work you do….

You are our heroes.

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 -With gratitude---Karen and the Juice Beauty Team


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