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As an international, celebrity eco-makeup artist and the founder of Green Beauty Team (say that 3 times fast!), Kristen Arnett is constantly traveling from New York to Los Angeles, Milan, Paris and beyond for photo shoots, celebrity clientele and runway shows, aiming to spread the message about sustainable beauty through her commitment to using non-toxic cosmetics.

Bridging her roles as pro-makeup artist and green aficionado, she started Green Beauty Team to give women a resource of credible information from various experts across categories of natural beauty and education on the basics of green beauty. Read on to find out more about her switch to natural beauty products and tips to achieving a perfect look for Spring!

Photo credits from left: Andrea Varani, Andrea Varani, Toto Cullen.

Juice Beauty: Why did you decide to make the jump to ‘green’ beauty?

Kristen Arnett: It was upon discovering that conventional cosmetics contained potentially toxic chemicals that could be harming my body, as well as my clients’ health.

The point was driven home as I increasingly saw models have violent skin reactions to conventional products. Especially from those considered to be industry staples. At a certain point, I just couldn’t turn a blind eye to what was going on decided to replace the contents of my $30,000 makeup kit with cosmetics that were natural and safe.

JB: What has been the biggest surprise in moving away from conventional products?

KA: There have been several, but mainly that there are many high-performing, natural products (like Juice Beauty) which still allow me to do incredibly beautiful makeup without compromising the health (or skin) of the person’s face I’m working on.

Photo credits from left: Karel Losenicky for Harper’s Bazaar India.

JB: For those just beginning the transition to natural beauty products, what advice do you have?

KA: 1) Begin with items that cover the largest areas of your skin, or that you will most easily absorb into your system, such as soap, moisturizer, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, foundation and lip products.
2) Expect that there will be a difference when switching from a product you’ve been loyal to for years to a new one. So get samples or buy travel sizes before you commit to a full-sized purchase.
3) Take it one step at a time, as quickly or slowly, as feels right to you, knowing you are doing something better for yourself and the planet.

JB: Your editorial work runs the gamut from fresh and natural to high fashion, which proves the point that green can be super glam. What professional tips and tricks do you have that translate for us to use in our everyday makeup?

KA: Thank you for noticing! I think the work reflects my philosophy about the diverse ways in which makeup can be used as a creative and fun tool for expression.

Makeup at its best will reflect your essence, how you feel most beautiful, attractive and confident. Everyone’s version of day-to-day will be different. So you must first ask, how do you want the world to respond to you when you walk out the door?

For example, if you want to be seen as creative, energetic and spontaneous, your makeup is a great way to reflect that even by simply using a bright lip color or vibrant eyeliner.

That said, my number #1 tip for everyone is to first create a beautiful canvas by evening out skin tone and covering dark under-eye circles. Once that’s done, the rest of what you add will look 10 times more fabulous!

JB: What Spring makeup trend are you loving?

KA: As a makeup artist I really fell in love with the bright, matte red lip colors with an undertone of neon pink or orange – seen all over the runways for 2013. There’s something powerful about an injection of unexpected vibrancy. It’s a statement that takes a risk in conveying confident, daring, femininity.


JB: You have what many would call a dream job. What would you say is the best part?

KA: You’d think it would be the travel, meeting famous people or the loads of makeup I get to play with – those are all fantastic – but the best part is when someone I’ve worked with ecstatically shares how I’ve helped positively affected their life. Be it a new-found confidence from the transformational process of getting a new look or how their skin and wellbeing changed through the use of more natural beauty products.

JB: We have to ask. Do you have a favorite Juice Beauty product?

KA: The new CC Cream is really a super-star multi-tasker that helps even out discoloration, makes skin look like it’s glowing, while protecting it from the elements.

JB: Any secret uses for it or tips to share?

KA: Yes! One of the big trends in makeup for 2013 is glowing skin, so this is the perfect product to do it with. Massage CC Cream into your skin with the pads of your fingertips in circular, rather than wiping motions to ensure even and full coverage.

If you want to boost the effect of glowing skin, use the Irresistible Glow Facial Highlighter across the apples of the cheeks and finish with a swipe of lip gloss in Champagne.

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